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Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss

It goes without saying that a hair loss problem is one of the most unwanted scenarios any of us can experience. This problem can influence your self-confidence in a very bad way.

Unfortunately, hair loss isn’t something you can keep only for yourself. If you’re a man then you know that after you reach 35, you’ll be able to notice the first signs of hair loss in your own case.

Almost 70% of all men suffer from the hair loss associated issues this way or another, more or less. At the same time, it would be wrong to think that women are an exception in this matter. Hair loss issues simply don’t care for your gender. Women don’t lose hair as men, but their hair can significantly thin out, including the serious degradation of its previous quality. Read more on www.provillushairrestoration.com.

During the menopause, these hair loss problems become very obvious.

More than one factor can be associated with your hair loss problem. In most of the cases, we’re talking about genetics and aging as the most dominant ones. However, the notorious DHT or the Dihydrotestosterone hormone is the hair loss enemy #1 for men. This hormone’s main role is to ensure a deep voice, mustache, and large muscles in men.

Unfortunately, one of its “side effects” is associated with the Male Pattern Baldness. This hormone can kill your hair as it’s been produced by your body making it almost impossible for hair to grow back again. For what is worth, the DHT production and levels in women are considerably lower compared to those in men. That’s the reason, the ladies don’t experience the same intensity of hair loss compared to the men.

As you’re getting old your DHT levels inevitably increase. Extremely high levels of the DHT can cause the baldness. But some others struggle to remove hair. Every single person has this hormone. Yet, not all of us produce it at the same rate and in the same quantity. That’s the main reason some men lose hair much sooner and more obvious. Other factors responsible for hair loss in women and men worth mentioning are:

1. Illness or Disease – Hair loss problem can be an indication of a serious disease. In some cases, the hair loss can be treated as a symptom, which can be associated with some illnesses. For instance, the chronic kidney dysfunction issues may cause loss of hair among other things.

2. Side effects – Some medicaments that include levodopa (Atamet, Larodopa, Sinemet), beta-blockers, warfarin, lithium, heparin, and amphetamines, can cause lots of hair to fall off. It’s also worth mentioning that some drugs used for the cancer treatments can cause a rapid hair loss.

hair loss in women and men

3. Hormones - The normal growth of your hair can be easily affected by an imbalanced hormone production. For example, the hormonal changes that take place during a woman’s ovulation period can cause a hair loss problem.

4. Zinc deficiency – In the case of poorly absorption of zinc or its inadequate intake, it is reasonable to expect that a hair problem will occur as one of the undesirable consequences.

5. Hair abuses – Sometimes, too many treatments can work against your hair. For instance, extensive bleaching, corn rows, extensive coloring, perming, and bleaching, including the use of curling irons. Overuse of these cosmetic methods can wear out and sometimes even kill your hair. You should be also fully aware that some strong shampoo products can also lessen the strength of your hair and contribute to its loss. Shampoos' powerful chemicals can damage your hair if you use them more than recommended.

6. Giving birth – As soon as women give birth, some of their hair have a tendency of falling off rapidly and easily. In these cases, the hair falls off is usually from one particular area of the head. As a result, young mothers end up with the moon crater-like hair. It’s worth mentioning that this hair loss problem isn’t a permanent one and it won’t lead to baldness, although it may take up to a year for the hair to fully recover.

As we could’ve seen there are so many different factors that can be associated with the hair loss. Yet, it would be wrong to think that your situation is a hopeless one. Luckily for you and millions of people all over the plant, there are quite a few solutions that can help you deal with this trouble successfully and efficiently. One of them is definitely the ProFollica.

You have to accept the fact that each and any of these solutions, products, and treatments is different when it comes to their approaches, requirements, applications, and processes. For instance, the hair loss surgery is one of the most effective available methods, including the pills, as well. However, only men can use and take these two. In addition, the surgery is a recommended approach when it comes to the severe hair loss cases. On the other side, some pills, such as the Finasteride can be associated with the harmful effects in women.

That’s why, one of the most recommended ways of addressing the hair loss problem for both women and men is with the help of topical products, such as ProFollica. This solution comes with a variety of powerful and natural ingredients that are safe to use.

The more you know about the right causes of your hair loss condition, the more likely you’re to choose the right solution in order to deal with it efficiently.